April Showers!

So far April has been fairly true to form, after a warm start the April showers have been rattling down on the roof of the shed. The oilseed rape brings a glow to the grey skies and after a milder than usual winter, it’s ahead of time.

What with the nationwide avian flu outbreaks over the winter we’re glad to see the odd bit of sunshine as we take our first glimpses of the great outdoors in 2017. As always spring is a busy time for us with three of our flocks currently on turnaround we eagerly await the arrival of the new girls at the start of May.

The newest site at Ellerdine is thriving with production reaching its peak. The guys down at the feed mill are busy producing top grade feed to suit our varied diets and we are already seeing the positive effects on our production and our waist lines.

With the risk of a drought this summer and the ground already hard, we are preparing to irrigate the wheat in the coming weeks…there’s just the issue of a few thousand more spuds to finish planting first though.

Right that’s all for now the latest feed ration has arrived and I’ve heard its divine!

Mrs Poulet