Free Range & Colony Eggs

In 2006, with a view to embracing new ideas Heal Farms built the first multi-tier free range unit in England. The success of this unit led to a the development of additional sites over the next 12 years. All sites are BEIC (Lion Code) and Freedom Food (RSPCA) accredited and the birds welfare is key to its success.

Through our partner L.J Fairburn & Son Ltd we supply Sainsbury’s with Woodland eggs from ranges with over 80 acres of trees.

Our Free Range hens have a wonderful view of the South Shropshire hills and Welsh mountains.

On 22nd June 2015 we entered into an exciting opportunity to supply  20 ASDA stores across Shropshire and the West Midlands with Heals Shropshire Free Range eggs.

In August 2016 we began milling our own feed, this will not only reduce our costs in the long run but also means we can better control the birds nutrition and feed consumption.

Now to 2018 and we have a total of 8 laying sites housing in total 328,000 free range hens and 122,000 colony, all sited within a 15 mile radius of the original Hazledene site. Alongside this we also have a multi-tier rearing unit, which housed its first flock in 2015, housing 64,000 birds.

The rearing unit has given us the ability to rear our birds in an environment most like our laying houses, this reduces stress to the birds when they are moved and results in happier healthier hens.


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